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 Call For Artist Proposals


Through the Flower, a non-profit educational and arts organization co-founded by Judy Chicago and based in Belen, New Mexico, presents an opportunity for New Mexico artists to create new work as part of a participatory and immersive art project titled, Wo/Manhouse 2022, inspired by the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking historic Womanhouse from 1972. Artists from across the gender spectrum are invited to propose projects that address contemporary issues related to domesticity and the home. 

The original Womanhouse opened in Los Angeles as part of the first Feminist Art Program, established by Judy Chicago at California State University, Fresno, and later expanded at CalArts. Chicago and co-educator, artist Miriam Schapiro, worked with a group of students and local artists to transform rooms in a dilapidated house into a series of imaginative installations and performance spaces. During its month-long exhibition, over ten thousand people visited Womanhouse, which later captured a global audience through a documentary by filmmaker Johanna Demetrakas. The installation inspired numerous  works of art across the world and expanded the traditional definition of what was suitable media for artistic expression.

In 2001 Judy Chicago and her husband, photographer Donald Woodman, revisited many of the themes first addressed in Womanhouse with a new collaboration project titled, At Home: A Kentucky Project. Working with both male and female students from Western Kentucky University, a local house was again transformed into an emotionally powerful installation. 

On June 18, 2022, Through the Flower will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Womanhouse with the opening of an historic exhibition at the Through the Flower Art Space in Belen, New Mexico and a contemporary re-envisioning of the original project in a nearby mid-century home. Artists from across the state will be invited to transform rooms or closets into an exploration of their relationship with "the home," which can be a place of comfort, but also represent conflict with power dynamics, abuse, struggles over gender roles, parenting issues, as well as cultural and socioeconomic constraints. 


Wo/Manhouse 2022 will be facilitated by Nancy Youdelman and guided by Judy Chicago. Nancy is a successful artist and one of Chicago’s Fresno students and participant in the original Womanhouse.  The goal of this project will be to continue this historic dialogue at a time rife with misogyny, racial bias, attacks on women’s and trans rights, and political turmoil. 


ProjectWo/Manhouse 2022 will be open to the public from June 18th through September 25th.  Artists are invited to submit proposals for installations that will occupy a space within the house. The house is midcentury modern, consisting of 12 rooms, 5 closets and over 1,900 square feet. The house, located in Belen, New Mexico, is a time capsule of domesticity with its shag carpet, yellow daisy wallpaper, and one blue and one pink bathroom. Prospective applicants can view the available rooms through the 360-degree virtual house tour.





Eligibility:  Proposals are open to emerging and established New Mexico artists.

Artist Proposals: Artists are required to have knowledge of the original Womanhouse and watch the documentary film about Womanhouse by Johanna Demetrakas. 

Proposals should include:

  • Detailed short narrative description of proposed project

  • Preliminary budget

  • CV/resume with current contact information

  • Up to five sample images of previous artwork

  • Renderings and/or sketches of proposed project

  • Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination


Questions and Open House for Artists:  The house, located at 402 North 5th Street, Belen, NM 87002, will be open by special appointment until March 18th.  Any questions should be submitted via email to

Artist Scope of Work:  Work on the project will begin on May 2nd and should be completed by June10th.  Artists will be required to be on-site May 2nd through 4th to work with Nancy Youdelman and Judy Chicago. Additionally, there will be required weekly meetings for the selected artists. 


Artists will be responsible for designing, fabricating, and installing their artwork, including:

  • Developing final designs that adheres to the approved proposal and providing details about construction and integration with the site.

  • Executing the final artwork on schedule.

  • Managing all aspects of the installation and deinstallation of the artwork. (Volunteers will be available to assist.) 

  • Working cooperatively and maintaining effective communication with all parties involved in the project.


  • Proposals Due: March 18

  • Announce Artists: April 1

  • Project Begins: May 2 

  • Complete Installation: June 10 

  • Open to Public: June 18 

  • Deinstallation: September 28-30

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06 Karen LeCocq as Lea derived from Colettes Cheri Lea's Room.png
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