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Wo/Manhouse 2022

Judy Chicago invites you to discover Wo/Manhouse 2022!
Thanks to the generous support of the board of Through the Flower, 

Wo/Manhouse 2022 is free to the public for the final three weeks of the
and performances. 

June 18, 2022 - October 9, 2022
Thursday through Sunday, 12pm to 5pm
Through The Flower Art Space: 107 Becker Ave, Belen, NM

Wo/Manhouse is located in a residential area. Please visit Through the Flower Art Space for directions. 

JC DW and 3M in front of WoManhouse 2022 DSC08104.jpg

We look forward to welcoming you

June 18, 2022 - October 9, 2022

for an historic immersive art experience!

Megan Malcom-Morgan, Donald Woodman, and Judy Chicago in front of Wo/Manhouse in Belen, New Mexico, 2022. Photo by Apolo Gomez

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